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Published: 11th March 2011
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Lines of travelling are considered important in the study of palmistry. Travel lines are those which make a person travel and lead him to triumph by means of travelling. As a whole, these lines are considered as helpful for building up a career through travelling. As per palmistry, if any line begins from the region of Mars and meets the lifeline and if the individual has half white moon on the nail of the finger of Saturn, then that individual is bound to travel a lot in his/her life.

At times, a half moon on the nail of the finger of Saturn or middle finger is observable and it continues there for 3 months. Majority of the time along with that half moon, a line starting from the region of Pluto goes to the mount of the sun. It denotes that the person would get a chance to travel by air. In addition, if any line beginning from the mount of Venus goes to the mount of Moon in the shape of a stoop and the finger of Saturn has half white moon, then it depicts that the person would definitely go abroad but through waterways.

Besides, at times two evenly long lines go upward on the mount of moon. As per palmists, such people definitely spend their life travelling in different places. If two equivalent lines move upward from the regions of Venus and Hershel, then for sure that person goes on travels.

Usually, the lines of travelling become noticeable on the mount of moon. They are the lines which leave the life line moving towards the mount of moon. Particularly, the short lines which join the fate line at the agreement point where a line projects down into the mount of moon clearly implies gainful as well as academic foreign tours. Hence, the travel lines joining the fate line indicate material benefit.

Palmistry travel lines imply any reaction that has developed as a result of delicate health. In addition, more considerably, these lines on the hand indicate travels and tours of the person. However, according to palmistry if these lines end with a little cross, then it signifies that the journey could finish in dissatisfaction. These are the general functions of the travel lines.

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