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Published: 08th June 2011
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The shape of your fingernail is the most vital part of understanding for what it says about you. For reading the shape of your fingernails, you need to look at the living part of the nail, the part which resembles the color of your hand and to see what shape your nail is in.

The length of the nail could be quite a useful indicator for stress and internal pressure. The longer the nails, the more stress or nervous strife the individual is likely to experience. Still, in spite of some anxiety, long nailed individuals could also be remarkably kind, calm and patient. They are also said to be creative. A long nail denotes a sympathetic nature, good imagination and an open and accepting personality.

The length of the nail also indicates the amount of prolific energy. Short nailed individuals characteristically have more energy, possibly as those with long nails tire easily from their several intellectual pursuits. A short nail denotes a quarrelsome, impatient and distrustful nature. You might be a dedicated and hardworking employee, but you could also be too critical as a boss and too controlling as a manager. You are proud and donít like to lose any battle and you could be humorous and self confident but many a times at anotherís expense.

Thick nails frequently belong to individuals who are weak or unhealthy whereas thin nails belong to healthy individuals. Wide nails mean you are a plain seeker whereas narrow nails belong to people who are more expressive and refined.

Individuals who have shorter than average nails are good critics and love to discuss all the hot topics of the day. Though they have quick tempers, they can generally keep it under control and most individuals donít think of them as quarrelsome.

Fingernails might also have marks which offer further indications of character and challenges. For e.g, you could have specks which indicate health challenges or vertical or horizontal lines indicating worries which are more practical in nature.

Growth Patterns

You must also look at the growth pattern of the nail to get insights about your health. Vertical ridges which run the length of the nail show a propensity towards having joint, dermatological or digestive problems. Horizontal ridges which run across the nail imply problems related to nutrition.

In nail reading, your fingertips offer a lot of information about you and as you reach out to take hold of your life, you must let that information guide you in ways that would enable you to make your life fuller and healthier.

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