Mount of Jupiter

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Published: 21st March 2011
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The mount of Jupiter is located just below the bottom of the index finger and above the mount of Mars. As per the science of palmistry, this mount is considered to be very important. It points to some of the inherent personality of the human beings which at times are not explicit. According to the science of palmistry, this mount denotes the qualities like leadership, authorship and organization. The mount of Jupiter is supposed to be a positive symbol which spurs on the person towards a successful life.

A prominent and well developed mount of Jupiter is believed to award an individual with qualities like God. Such an individual attaches great meaning to education and self respect. He/she doesn’t pale in the face of hardships and is always ready to lend a helping hand. This person also possesses an extraordinary talent to change public opinion into his/her favor.

The individuals with mount of Jupiter on hand, physically are of normal body and are healthy. Smiling faces are the major peculiarity of the people with this mount. They are also kind hearted and great benefactors. The well developed mount could also imply an honorable and religious person with exceptional leadership qualities. Interestingly, such important mounts have often been found on the palms of top officials and judges of high courts.

A flat or under developed Jupiter mount denotes a person with a boring personality and lack of confidence. However, this individual is always optimistic, jolly and kind hearted. He/she might also be remarkably good at delivering lectures. Such a person is more concerned with attaining status and respect rather than gathering wealth.

If the mount of Jupiter is over developed, it denotes an individual who is arrogant, egoistic, selfish and proud. A short line on this mount between the head and heart line indicates accumulation of wealth. If the mount of Jupiter is absent in an individual’s palm, it indicates lack of self respect. Such an individual might not receive much monetary backing from his parents. In addition, this person is almost found mingling around with low class people.

The mount of Jupiter is the indicator of development and achievement in life and at the same time, it also points to the inherent qualities of the person. It also has some significance in judging the future and even palmists give enough importance to the mount of Jupiter.

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